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Physical therapy can help with recovery after injuries or with long-term health conditions like arthritis or chronic pulmonary disease. At Greater Austin Orthopaedics, the orthopedic staff specializes in physical therapy and can provide expert care for patients in the Austin and Lockhart, Texas, areas. Call today for an appointment, or request an appointment online for either of our locations on: James Casey St. or Eiger Rd .

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?  

Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that involves the direct treatment of physical injuries. At Greater Austin Orthopaedics, the highly skilled physical therapists help you return to your previous functional status. They work with you towards your goals, which can be as simple as returning to daily activities and the physical demands of work, or as advanced as getting back to playing various sports.

Another goal of physical therapy is education. Your physical therapist teaches you about the underlying causes of your symptoms or injuries so that you can prevent the recurrence of problems in the future. Or, they might educate you on ways to promote safety; for example, they might help you make changes to your home if you have balance or strength issues.

Who can benefit from physical therapy?

Physical therapy specialists work with people of all ages. One common misconception when people think of physical therapy is that it’s only for individuals who’ve had an injury or surgery. However, physical therapy is beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic aches and pains, and who haven’t had a specific injury.

What’s involved in the physical therapy process?  

Your physical therapist uses a comprehensive approach. They do a thorough evaluation, and then they develop a customized plan of care that addresses all of your specific issues.

Your therapist also develops a home exercise program with your specific goals in mind. This home program is to be performed on a structured timeline provided by your therapist and must be strictly followed to maximize your results.

What types of physical therapy treatments are available?

There are many options available for physical therapy patients, including:

Exercises: These are designed to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. The exercises might include stretching, walking, aerobics, or lifting weights.

Manual therapy: This type of therapy includes massage, mobilization, or manipulation by a chiropractor to increase your range of motion and reduce pain.

Education: Patients learn about lifestyle changes or changes to certain activities that will help reduce discomfort and prevent re-injury.


If you need physical therapy following an injury or for a chronic condition, the physical therapy team at Greater Austin Orthopaedics can help. 

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